Visit Knowledge Base for Help Articles
Visit Knowledge Base for Help Articles
Licensing Policy
  • SmartBOL® Cloud or Enterprise Software – as per the contract
  • Single User Licenses (Not for Windows Terminal or Citrix server): Each machine requires one license
  • Windows Terminal or Citrix Server Licensing: Two or more Concurrent user licenses are required
  • For questions about SmartBOL® licensing, please contact SmartBOL® Sales at 732 981-0444

Why Renew Support?
  • Technical support by email, telephone and online

  • Cheaper to renew support within grace period than purchase upgrade license when you need support

  • Classic version: Free upgrades to the latest SmartBOL® versions

  • Enterprise versions: Immediate escalation to development team and priority support

  • Access to installation files and license keys even if you lose your emails

Support Policy

for questions about these support policies, please contact by email – [email protected]

  • Support contract is required to get telephone, email or online Support for SmartBOL® products.
  • Support Timing: Between 9AM and 5PM Eastern – Monday Thru Friday except federal holidays and day after Thanksgiving day.
  • Following activities are not covered under standard support. Support may offer instructions or visit: SmartBOL® Support Portal. Please call sales to purchase developer support;

    • SQL Server installation or configuration
    • Database or data files backup, restore, or move
    • Data (such as products, addresses) import or CSV file processing
    • Password recovery
    • Reconfiguring ODBC Mapping
    • Issues with third-party software
    • Windows OS, hardware, or networking issues
    • Training or product walk-through
  • Though SmartBOL® support will try to solve technical support issues, there is no guarantee that all SmartBOL® related support issues can be resolved.

  • Support for additional licenses, purchased at discounted price, will expire at the same time as the first license.
  • Support can be extended within 30 days of previous support contract expiry. After the 30 day grace period, contact sales to purchase upgrade license.
  • Versions released within the last 36 months are supported. Past versions are not supported and installers for versions older than 5 calendar years are unavailable. If installer is older than 6 months and the support contract has expired, please allow three business days to upload the file to the site.
  • Customer is responsible for maintaining license keys, installation software and data backups in safe place. SmartBOL® support does not maintain keys for longer than one year.
  • Classic version only:
  • New SmartBOL® Classic license includes one year support contract.
  • Classic version does not support data files shared over wide area network (WAN) or VPN.
  • During one support year, database can be repaired maximum of three times.
  • If you need technical support and your support contract has expired and if you have the permanent SmartBOL® license key you may purchase support on prepaid, hourly basis. SmartBOL® Support makes no warranties that the support issue will be resolved.
  • If you do not have license key, you may purchase SmartBOL® Upgrade license.
  • Enterprise versions – Contact SmartBOL® sales for more information.
  • SmartBOL® Software with perpetual license will not stop working after Support period expires. However version updates or upgrades released after the Support expiry date will not work with that license.
  • SmartBOL® software with subscription license will stop working at the end of the lease or subscription period.
  • Support does not cover any issues with third party software versions other than the ones advertised on SmartBOL® website. Please contact SmartBOL® support before upgrading SmartBOL®interfaced third party software. SmartBOL® is under no obligation to modify its software to fix this type of issues.
  • SmartBOL® licenses may be cancelled if the term/s of SmartBOL® End User License Agreement (EULA) is/are violated.