Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM

Shipping documentation, electronic bill of lading, signing and retention solutions for Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM


Dynamics 365 Interface

Reuses information from Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM to create shipments.

VICS Bill of Lading

Creates VICS Bill of Lading, including master,  with 17 digit bill of lading number. Automatically creates supplement page.

Shipping Documentation

Creates various shipping documents such as bills of lading, packing slips and labels.

Master Bill of Lading

Onscreen shipment consolidation feature creates Master bill of lading for multi stop and order shipments.

Shipment History

Maintains searchable shipment history for future reference and accounting purposes.

Master Database

Reduces data entry by maintaining addresses and products lookup database for quick shipment creation.

Add-on Features

Electronic Bill of Lading

Supports eBOL by capturing driver’s signature electronically, applying it to the documents, and retaining it in a repository.

Online Document Access

Online, on-demand document access from any web browser enabled device. View, print, download or email documents.

Process Automation

Automates signed document distribution and shipment confirmation.


Saves Resources

Reusing information saves time and resource utilization while creating shipments.

Eliminates Errors

Reductions in manual data entry reduce data entry and cost shipment mistakes.

Better Record keeping

Searchable shipment history allows quick, online retrieval of past shipments.

Advanced Feature Benefits

Reduces Operating Costs

Pre and post-signing document handling and the elimination of manual scanning processes reduce operating costs.

Improves Efficiency

Automation of processes improves efficiency by eliminating manual errors, delays and errors caused by manual processes.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

By eliminating unnecessary printing, paper usage and storage, company’s carbon footprint is reduced.

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