Contactless Document Digitization & Process Automation

Contactless Check-in and Check-out

Let SmartBOL show you how to take your traditional bill of lading and turn it into a digital document to create a seamless automated solution.

Case Studies

SmartBOL’s scalable solutions have been utilized by Fortune 500 companies as well as the public sector. Take a look at some our Case Studies or request a demonstration to see how this could be used in your organization.

Contactless Process Automation and Document Digitization Solution

SmartBOL is a paperless electronic bill of lading solution (EBOL) to help simplify the traditional cumbersome bill of lading process. SmartBOL integrates with your existing WMS to create digital documents for electronic signature as well as storage of the documents which creates an easy searchable central repository giving worldwide real-time access in your organization. SmartBOL solutions are highly customizable to suit all business needs and the add-on modules such as driver kiosk and mobile applications for check-in and check-out create a highly automated solution removing manual errors while saving time and cost.

SmartBOL Portal

The Cloud Portal is the backbone of the SmartBOL Cloud Infrastructure. The portal can be used as a standalone system to generate all documentation or as an extension to your current WMS system to create and store and sign digital documents. The SmartBOL Portal allows all of your users real-time access to documents from all locations in your organization. Following add-on features assist you in automating processes.

SmartBOL Kiosk

Included in Solution plan only. Kiosk software allows drivers to self check-in and receive relevant information as well as sign, view, and print/download the bills of lading.

Mobile Driver Check-in and Sign-out

Included in Solution plan only. SmartBOL Mobile driver check-in and check-out feature allows drivers to check-in or check-out from the comfort and safety of their cab while letting the shipper manage the process without driver interaction.

How SmartBOL Document Retention Solution Works
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Saves on printing and operating costs
Single signature pickup reduces driver holdup
Offers On-demand access and Automated Sharing
Eliminates delays caused by missing documentation
ERP/WMS Agnostic. Quick, inexpensive integration
Environment friendly: Reduces Carbon footprint