Shipping documentation, approval workflow, and electronic signing for an oil well drilling equipment manufacturer.

ERP: Epicor. 

Features: shipping documentation, shipment approval process, signature capture, document retention. 

SmartBOL implemented a shipping documentation system with a shipment approval workflow that offered shipment approval workflows with signature capture that ensured internal and/or external approval was made before a shipment can be signed by the driver. This process prevented any unauthorized shipment pickup while documenting who and when the approvals were made for audit and compliance purposes. After shipment pickup, SmartBOL sent the information which was useful to external processes to make updates in WMS. 

The SmartBOL system delivered the following benefits: 

  • Streamlined approval process for compliance. 
  • Automated after-pickup WMS updates and document distribution to third parties. 
  • Eliminated paper storage, and paper handling processes. 
  • Reduced labor and time required to retrieve documents. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint.