Shipping documentation and electronic bill of lading system for a large cosmetic brand company.

ERP: SAP with webMethods. 

Features: shipping documentation, electronic signature capture, document retention, automated electronic document distribution 

SmartBOL implemented shipping documentation and electronic signing solution that creates shipping documentation, such as VICS bill of lading, master/underlying bills of lading, and manifests, using shipping data transferred from SAP. The documents are presented on a tablet or kiosk, signed on screen, and stored in an electronic repository for on-demand retrieval. Minimum documentation is printed for the driver. Additionally, the documents are automatically sent to third parties by email. 

The SmartBOL system delivered the following benefits: 

  • Reduced printing costs – eliminated shipper’s copies and printed minimal documents for the driver. 
  • Automated after-pickup WMS updates and document distribution to third parties. 
  • Improved driver handling processes. 
  • Eliminated paper storage, and paper handling processes. 
  • Reduced labor and time required to retrieve documents. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint.