A global leader and multinational manufacturer of roofing supplies with over 30 manufacturing operations across the United States and one of the largest roofing businesses in the world looking to transition to eBOL.


The customer has a customized warehouse management system and has been using a traditional manual bill of lading process for years. Drivers would enter the office to sign bills of lading many of which are local deliveries and drivers may be back multiple times in a day. The customer was looking to move to an electronic environment to avoid errors in document signing by drivers and making sure the drivers signed all relevant documentation. The customer was also looking for a check-in process to let the back office know when the driver arrived and what dock to go to


The customer was tasked with the challenge of finding a suitable integration with the customized WMS system that could also integrate with future WMS solutions if they were to move to transition to eBOL.


SmartBOL provided a solution that integrated with the current customized WMS that they have been using for years as well as the ability to migrate the SmartBOL solution to another WMS if they choose to do so. Additionally, SmartBOL gave the customer a solution for drivers to check-in and receive dock information via mobile solutions as well as a kiosk-based solution. The driver signature process was achieved by utilizing a kiosk solution where the drivers could enter a trailer number and sign their corresponding bill of lading sometimes multiple in a day.