A global leader and multinational manufacturer of pet food, pet food products, and animal care services. Dedicated to improving the lives of pets including their nutrition and providing high-quality medical care and generating over 500 thousand printed bills of lading yearly thus generating excessive manual processes, labor, and paperwork.



The customer had multiple WMS instances spread across 20 plus locations in the US. This included instances of Red Prairie and different versions of Blue Yonder. The customer looked to improve their processes by:


The customer was tasked with the challenge of finding a suitable integration with several WMS environments and different technologies across their 20 plus locations to achieve their goals.


SmartBOL provided a solution to achieve all goals listed above that was agnostic to the different WMS and technologies used at the different sites. The data from the WMS was supplied through a middleware technology integrated into SmartBOL to generate a signable electronic bill of lading that would be stored in the SmartBOL cloud portal for easy document retrieval and historic storage. To provide electronically signable documents for drivers at locations SmartBOL provided solutions for drivers to sign documents via tablet as well as computers with touch screen capable monitors.