Driver check-in and electronic bill of lading system for a packaged food manufacturer.

WMS: Blue Yonder WMS. 

Features: Driver check-in, electronic signature capture, document retention, automated electronic document distribution. 

SmartBOL implemented a driver check-in and electronic bill of lading solution that lets the drivers check in using appointment records imported from an external yard management system. After the truck is loaded, shipping documents (bill of lading and packing slips) are presented on a tablet or kiosk, the driver’s signature is captured on screen, and signed documents are stored in the digital repository in one step. The signed documents are also sent to the driver electronically by SMS. If needed, paper documents are printed for the driver. Additionally, the documents are automatically sent to third parties by email. 

The SmartBOL system delivered the following benefits: 

  • Streamlined driver check-in/document signing processes. 
  • Reduced printing costs – eliminated shipper’s copies, and reduced driver copies by offering electronic document download. 
  • Automated after-pickup WMS updates and document distribution to third parties. 
  • Eliminated paper storage, and paper handling processes. 
  • Reduced labor and time required to retrieve documents. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint.