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Bill of Lading Software

SmartBOL bill of lading solutions let you create any carrier, straight and VICS bills of lading, consolidated master bill of lading forms for printing on plain paper. Advanced features include interface with QuickBooks, Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and other ERP/WMS with ODBC interface to eliminate redundant data entry while creating bills of lading.

Bill of Lading Software

SmartBOL bill of lading software creates bills of lading and other shipping documents as a standalone system or interfaced with QuickBooks Desktop and other ERP/WMS with ODBC databases such as Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX or Sage 100.

Pricing starts from $39 per user per month.

Creates Shipments

Creates any carrier, plain paper bill of lading forms, and other documents. On-screen shipment consolidation feature creates master bills of lading.

Maintains History

Maintains shipment history for future reference and reporting. Lets user copy previous bill of lading record to create a new one with little or no data entry.

Lookup Databases

Stores Address, Carrier and Product records in lookup database to reduce data entry while creating bill of lading forms. Imports records from CSV files.

VICS Bill of Lading

VICS bill of lading feature creates VICS BOL with 17 digit BOL number. Prints VICS supplement page when information can not fit on the first page. Additionally supports master bill of lading.

QuickBooks Interface

SmartBOL for QuickBooks creates straight or VICS bill of lading forms by reusing QuickBooks sales order or invoice records. Reduces redundant data entry and costly shipping errors.

ERP Interface

SmartBOL ODBC interface module works with Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, Sage 100 and other on-premise ERP/WMS systems to reduce data entry, eliminate errors and improve efficiency.

No Installation Needed

Cloud based system is accessible from any browser enabled device. No installation required. Use from any PC, Mac, tablet or Smartphone.

Multi-user Support

Multi-user support allows teams working in the same office or across the globe, to share data and work on the company's shipping activities.

Multi-warehouse Support

SmartBOL offers multi-warehouse support to organizations with multiple shipping locations while giving the headquarters a real-time visibility into operations.


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$39/user per month

100 Transaction per User License


$99/user per month

100 Transaction per User License


from $1,699

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