SmartBOL® Desktop
Bill of Lading Software for Windows
SmartBOL Bill of lading software creates straight and VICS bill of lading forms on plain paper. Advanced version reuses information from Dynamics GP/AX, QuickBooks and other ERP/WMS systems.


Shipping DocumentationCreates shipping documentation, such as, bills of lading, packing slips
Maintains Shipment HistoryMaintains shipment history for future references
Address, Carrier, Products lookupsAddress, Carrier, Products lookups reduce data entry while creating new shipments
VICS Bill of Lading Supports VICS bill of lading form with 17-digit bill of lading number
Master Bill of Lading On-screen master bill of lading creation
QuickBooks Interface Creates bill of lading using sales order or invoice records from QuickBooks
SQL Server DatabaseSupports robust Microsoft SQL Server database
ERP / WMS Interface Creates bills of lading by reusing information from ERP/WMS with an ODBC interface
Export DocumentationSupports export docs such as commercial invoice, certificate of origin
Multi-Warehouse SupportManage all shipping activity for multiple warehouses
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