The SmartBOL Kiosk allows drivers to check in and check out creating social distancing between drivers and manufacturing staff. The Kiosk can be set to a stand-alone like the picture to the left or an assisted mode as well. The application can be run on Windows and Android-based hardware including tablets or a touchscreen monitor connected to a standard desktop or thin client. If you are looking for a more mobile option please take a look at the SmartBOL SMS Check-In & Check-Out. If you would like to see the Kiosk in action please schedule a demo on our homepage or a 15-minute call here. The SmartBOL Kiosk will get your driver back on the road quicker by allowing them to sign one time electronically which will be placed in all relevant signature placeholders for the driver. The electronically singed copy of the BOL will move immediately into the SmarBOL portal and a paper copy can still be printed for the driver if needed.