Problem: An US Government Agency wanted a transportation management system (TMS) that would enable employees, at different locations, to create a bill of lading forms with minimal keystrokes, store origin and destination addresses, store shipment history, and display comparative freight quotes for the shipment being created. The system should also allow users to make a bill of lading corrections and email the documents directly from the system.

Solution: SmartBOL® developed a customized Online TMS and deployed it in the private network that was accessible to the agency’s employees. The system would reuse stored information to reduce user keystrokes and the time required to make a shipment. A freight rating module was developed as per the agency’s specifications. The system also allowed the user to view shipping history, create a corrected bill of lading in case there were changes, and emailed bills of lading to the shipper in PDF format.

Benefits: Saved employees’ time, and eliminated typographical errors resulting from hand-keyed information into a bill of lading PDF form. Saved time on looking up freight quotes on each carrier’s website. The built-in email function eliminated the need to save a bill of lading PDF onto the disk, and then use an email client to send it out as an attached document.