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SmartBOL® Bill of Lading Retention Solution

Bill of lading signing, Digitization and Retention without Scanning

  • Signs all Bills of lading on tablet, at once
  • Remote, real-time, on-demand access to retained documents
  • Creates VICS Master bill of lading with on-screen consolidation
  • Sends automated email alerts with signed BOL attachment
  • Driver check-in / check-out and identification scanning (Optional)
  • Proof of Delivery automation (Optional)
  • Inbound shipping documentation handling (Optional)
  • Reduced paper consumption, printing and labor costs
  • Streamlines document retention and offers remote access

SmartBOL Signature Capture & Document Retention Solutions

ERP or WMS System

  • Oracle ERPs
  • Manhattan WMS
  • Dynamics AX
  • Infor ERPs
  • JDA / Red Prairie WMS

Custom ERP / WMS with ODBC database, can call an API or create CSV

SmartBOL® Solution

  • Bill of Lading Signing
  • Proof of Delivery Automation
  • Driver Check-in / Check-out
  • Real-time document access
  • Inbound Shipment Handling
  • Electronic Document Retention

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Outbound Shipping Documents: Create, Sign and Retain without Scanning

SmartBOL document printing, signature capture and document retention solution plugs-in extensive shipping documentation, such as straight or Straight / VICS bills of lading, master bill of lading, export documentation, to SAP, Oracle ERP, Manhattan WMOS, JDA WMS and many other systems. Rule based printing feature produces document stack by shipment type.

Sign, print and retain all documents in a single step with a single signature. Auto-email module sends signed documents by email as PDF attachments.

Real-time, remote access to retained documents

Access, print or email retained documents from remote location in real-time from workstations, tablets or smartphones. Quickly retrieve past documents by using various keys such as bill of lading number, order number, carrier, pro number, etc.

Proof of Delivery Automation

Automates proof of delivery processes to improve billing time, reduce DSO and eliminate delays caused by manual operations. Mobile POD app eliminates paper, printing and handling costs.

Driver-check-in / check-out Module

Logs driver check-in / check-out times, scans driver identification and maintains records.

On-premise or cloud installation with Tablet support

SmartBOL warehouse solutions are deployed on premise or in cloud and is accessible from iPad, Android, Windows tablet or Windows workstation. CSV files or APIs are used to transfer data to and from SmartBOL and ERP / WMS.

System Requirements

  • Hardware
  • iPad, Android, Windows tablet or workstation

  • Software
  • Windows 10, 8.x, 7
    SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2012 /R2


Available as perpetual license or annual lease. Please call 888 701-5005 for more info

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